DigiProofs provides professional photographers with a wide range of full service features to help grow your business and maximize your profits! Explore how Digiproofs can help you:
Customized Galleries
Customize your gallery's appearance in just a few simple steps. Interactively modify the Logo, Content Style, and Background to create a desired look, or an extension of your own website's look. Then access from your website or custom homepage with a simple link.
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Gallery and Thumbnails
Choose your style of gallery and thumbnails to showcase your images! Choose the thumbnail views from start to finish for a seamless look. Or select text or caption views to make some pages easier to find. Choose a style for your entire gallery or event by event.
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Event Groups
Group your events around their association (ABC School), type (Portraits), or time (2014 Events) to organize and make them easier to find. Great way to show off brand new events or help folks rediscover earlier ones.
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Theme Based Ordering
Portraits, baseball, graduation and many more! With products and designs for 25+ themes, your customers have many more choices to share memories with their favorite photos. This is a great way to generate add on sales— all you have to do is to select a theme.
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Multi-Event Ordering
It now easy for your customers to conveniently view images and order products from multiple events. With the Multi-Event ordering flow you can set your events with products and prices appropriate for their themes and make them available for ordering at the same time.
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Personalized Ordering
We have a large selection of single and multi-image products designed for the customers to personalize and create. Customer are able to select the images, position them on the products, and personalize with text. A great way to create and share their one of a kind memories.
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Packages and Packages
Provide value and increase sales! Tailor your packages for portrait prints and include poses to leverage more value or add border prints, cards, memory mates and other products for sports and more. The possibilities are endless!
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Online PrePay
PrePay is a great way to increase participation and generate cash on the front. Integrated PrePay has eliminated all your order forms and handling tasks! All you have to do is announce the PrePay and upload great looking photos. Our system will take care of the rest.
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Use E-Certificates as a redemption tool for your own prepay program. Or use them as promotional tool to drive traffic. E-Certificates can be distributed to individuals as single use code or to large audiences as multiple-use. Create and distribute them yourself, or let the system do the work.
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Managed Orders
We do not leave quality to chance. Every order received are reviewed and cropped by us first. However, if you would like to have a little more control, this process enables you to take over our review process and add your personal touch.
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Premium Service
Premium Service is focused on providing the highest level of total customer experience. Each image is individually inspected and adjusted for color, density, and tone. And each order is then reviewed and custom cropped to provide the best looking print. Prints are then packaged in tissues and shipped in black gift boxes with care.
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