Galleries and Thumbnail Views

Customize the appearance of your gallery, event list, and thumbnail pages to best showcase your photos. The gallery style you choose is for site wide. However, the event list and thumbnail page styles may be varied from event to event. You can also choose to use the same appearance for all your events. All you need to do is select the desired style when setting up the events.

The event list pages serve as a content guide for the pages of images. You have the choice of using the thumbnail look to provide a pictorial guide. Or for larger events, choose the text based list view making it easier to sort through the long list of pages quickly.

The thumbnail views are also designed to match the need of your audience. They vary from showing large thumbnails, to small thumbnails with captions, or large view centric filmstrips where the large view is always displayed. The four views are:
  • Thumbnail View
  • Classic Thumbnails (with Caption)
  • Filmstrip View
  • Mosaic View