Managed Orders

Would like to have a closer oversight of your orders?

The Managed Review feature provides you with the ability to add your own personal touch. You are able to review the images ordered, enhance and replace the images if necessary, and custom crop them to reflect your personal style. When the orders are released by you, we will process the orders and take care of the rest. It is that simple! You can even take the personal touch a step further and designate specific orders to be rerouted to you to be hand delivered personally.

Want us to take care of the entire process? No problem! We review each and every order we receive and make the necessary cropping adjustments before they are printed. This ensures your images are properly cropped for each print size ordered the very first time. If needed, we will also add borders to the images during the review to avoid cropping out important subjects.

This process works so well that many photographers quickly forget that we are taking care of it all behind the scenes.