Help Grow Your School Portrait Sales with our Innovative Features!

School Portraits are challenging yet rewarding opportunities. These combined features will help to provide extra privacy, encourage a higher percentage of the group to view and order, and maximize individual order amounts. Since we do pretty much take care of the rest, you will have more time to capture great photos and developing new opportunities while we help you to maximize sales.
Make things simple with prepay
Prepay is a great way to increase participation, commitment, and generate cash up front. We have made it EASY! We have integrated the PrePay and ordering systems into one seamless process to eliminate traditional order forms and other related customer support tasks. You can set it up with incentives for the individuals, incentives for fundraising or just as is. All you have to do is to set up your events with PrePay and ask your clients to order PrePay online—we'll take care of the rest!
an Extra Level Of Privacy
All events can be password protected. However, often schools would like to have an added level of privacy for an individual subject. The Access Code feature enables you to organize all the subjects in a single password event and then adds an extra access key for each individual subject. The event password plus individual access code creates an extra level of privacy needed with just a few minutes of work.

Packages and Packages
Provide value and increase sales by offering packages to your customers! You can tailor your packages for standard portrait prints, digital downloads, or poses to maximize your sales. Or you can add extras like border prints, collages, and magnets for those who like mementos beyond just prints.

Theme Based Ordering
Are you shooting an assignment for a K-6 school? Choose the Little One theme when setting up the event and your customers will be presented with products and designs created to make the little ones shine! You can also choose for the Portrait theme for higher grade levels.
Personalized Products
As more school photos are moving to multi poses, parents are looking forward to more than just the single head shot. Customer are now able to create their one-of-a-kind memories by choosing the mix of images, position and personalized them. A great way to use the images to increase sales.