PrePay is a win-win tool that can help you to increase sales, especially with groups like schools, leagues, or any special gatherings. It can be used to generate customer interest with discount incentives or fund raising, while providing you with commitments to purchase plus cash income up front.

However, the traditional prepay process was cumbersome with order forms, limited ordering ability, plus added customer and order handling. The integrated online PrePay has changed all of that.

We have made it EASY! We have integrated the PrePay and ordering systems into one seamless process and eliminated the traditional order forms and related customer support tasks. All you have to do now is to set up your events with PrePay and send out notifications to your clients to order online. We will take care of the rest. So capture great looking photos, upload them, and wait for profit checks to come from us.

We have fine tuned the process into four simple steps:
  1. Photographers set up event as PrePay
  2. Customers Place PrePay Orders
  3. Customers Receive Email w/ E-Certificate When Images are Ready
  4. Customers View Images & Place Order for Prepaid Items & More