Self-Fulfillment Services

A simple yet effective online proofing service to help you enhance sales, delivers orders to be fulfilled by you or your professional lab.

Your clients will appreciate the ease of ordering; you will enjoy added revenue, and added marketing exposure while retaining control of the entire fulfillment process. It is a great way to use our technical wonders to increase your sales, even if you choose not to use our integrated fulfillment service.

As your customers place orders, e-mail notifications are sent to you instantly. Detailed order information is made available to you in your secure account as orders are received. You are able to collect payment through your own merchant account, by accepting checks, or money orders. Process the orders yourself or through your professional lab and then ship your orders to your customers.

You maintain the relationship with your customer and your lab, as well as business and creative control. It's that simple! To set up the events, just add an event and upload your images. We only charge you a small fee based on the average number of images posted per month. There is no monthly or minimum fees. Since you administer the order fulfillment process we do NOT charge additional transaction fee(s) for self-fulfillment orders.

Self Fulfillment Features
Get up-to-date e-mail notifications of customer's orders.
Secure Account to access all your orders.
Use your own lab to process your orders.
Collect payment through your preferred methods.
Ship out your own orders.
No transaction fees are charged.
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